The Double, Triple and Quadruple rooms of Palazzo Abagnale is been created for offering the maximum
comforts for the body and for the mind of our guests.

Every room has private services, TV LCD in room, air conditioned, free wi-fi, hair dryer.


Light Floor

The Light floor is composed of the entry, reception, two double rooms and a single room with balcony access.

The concept of light has inspired the design of the reception floor to the both unique and elegant.

For example the furniture and all accessories on this level are made of white PVC and they have the function of being turned on or off like lamps.

The light entirely transforms the vision of places and landscapes, bringing out the elegance of the forms, and creating beautiful expressive effects.

Light is an interior necessity, hunger of the senses, accelerator intuition,understood as a creative force of intellect.

The light is life, primordial need to survive, light spectacular, theatrical,photographic,spatial, she is primarily responsible in the 'exaltation of the brightness, the sparkle of precious.

Pop Floor

The pop floor consists of a corridor area with four rooms; each room has a private bathroom. The rooms have furniture and lamps made of PVC from the creative lines of the Kartell Company, and the wallpapering comes from the Karim Rashid collection which has particularly unusual texture. This is a young floor, full of joy that will satisfy even the most demanding customers and lovers of design.

With American Gum, boogie-woogie and rock ’n’ roll, from the USA to Europe comes a new change called Pop Art. This artistic movement was born with young culture. Common People constantly under pressure from mass communication embraced the language of new products with a cosmopolitan feel, which took the place of tradition and handmade art.

At the heart of this approach, there is an extrovert creative philosophy: prepares mind and heart for fun and happiness withstanding and subverting the given order using fantasy, imagination and colouring.

The pop concept is definitely the most colourful of all the concepts implemented in our structure and it is based on the use of bright colours in contrast with each other.

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